Choose Abundance

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The Campaign

Choose Abundance

Dear Patriots,

My name is Gary Heyer. I'm campaigning for Minnesota House seat 50B in the upcoming election on November 3rd, 2020.

Minnesota is rich with natural resources and untapped human and technological potential to manifest sustainable abundance.

Too often, systems are rigged through legislation to benefit a small group of corporations or individuals while hindering competition, innovation and free markets.

If elected, I will:

  • Work from within government via deregulation and tax relief to co-create symbiotic systems resulting in virtuous cycles of abundance
  • Oppose the concentration of power within an engineered ruling class which places the needs of an ever-expanding government over the wants, needs, desires, and aspirations of We the People
  • Support laws that enhance and preserve individual rights and liberties while upholding our responsibility to be ethical stewards of sustainable "life quality" in Minnesota 
  • Stand against laws that diminish freedom while extracting wealth and resources from hard-working Minnesotans

It is my objective to vigorously represent the interests of the citizens of Bloomington, MN 50B.

Even if you can only spare a couple hours per month through the election on November 3rd to help elect Gary Heyer to be your champion, please volunteer!



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  • Return The Budget Surplus To Taxpayers:
    Return $1,200 to each Minnesota tax payer (some estimates up to $1,400 per taxpayer).
    If the budget surplus was returned to the tax payers, every Minnesota tax payer would receive and estimated $1,200. The surplus must be returned.
    The opposing argument is the money is needed for a rainy day fund. Well, a rainy day is coming as our economy has expanded 12 consecutive years, suggesting the correction could be massive. Return the money to the tax payers and in anticipation of the coming "rainy day", CUT SPENDING!

  • Strengthen the "Single Subject Clause" of The Minnesota Constitution to stop bloated omnibus bills.

  • Repeal Minnesota Income Tax on Social Security:
    The Federal Government had the advantage of the time value of money for all contributions even though they consistently raided the Social Security piggy bank to the point where there are plunging reserves as Baby Boomers begin to collect en masse. Regardless of the federal government's malfeasance, SOCIAL SECURITY AND DISABILITY DISBURSEMENTS SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECT TO MINNESOTA INCOME TAX.

  • Actively Oppose Human Trafficking: 
    The unsavory truth is human labor trafficking is deeply intertwined into our economy and our society as a whole with the intent to boost profits while taxpayers are saddled with support services expenses. Let's hold businesses responsible for picking up the costs to the State of Minnesota and the Federal Government to traffic and subsidize their "cheap labor" pool. Then the working poor would have an opportunity to make a living wage while competing for work on a level playing field. It is unethical and immoral to transfer wealth to corporate shareholders at the expense of taxpayers and the working poor.
    Create law enforcement and social services protocols which result in rescuing and rehabilitating victims of forced labor and sex trafficking. Raise public awareness identifying the scourge of human trafficking in Minnesota and its effects on the victims and society as a whole.

  • Repeal the "Sick Tax":
    A tax on all medical office visits was scheduled to be retired because its intended use was no longer needed. It came into being in 1992 to help subsidize health care for low income individuals who were participating in MNSure. Obamacare had replaced the majority of the subsidy and the premiums and co-pays paid by participants covered the balance. The tax is still in place and funds have been reallocated; hundreds of millions of dollars coming out of the pockets of Minnesota taxpayers.

  • 2A: ...shall not be infringed.

  • Light Rail:
    Enforce current laws. No fare? No Ride! Issue fines as they are.

  • Support "Family Centered" Public School Policies:
    Empower parents and school districts to determine what is best for children. Also, develop and support mental health laws that identify students who are potentially threats to themselves and/or others, and immediately help those most at risk receive the care they need. Administrators, teachers and staff should be responsible for keeping our children safe and need to be held accountable for actively addressing bullying and abuse.

  • Homeless Hand Up:
    Instead of continuing the cycle of perpetual hand outs; legislate accessible mental health and drug addiction rehabilitation programs to assess what is keeping someone homeless. By immediately addressing the core issues, they can receive the support needed to reset their lives and be successful or direct them to the long term services they require.

  • Prescription Drug Pricing Reform:
    Best Price Guarantee. Cut out the middleman.

Legislation To Be Sponsored

  • The Food Security and Family Farm Revitalization Act: 
    It will potentially make thousands of tons of locally grown produce, farmed via organic techniques available merely by the government getting out of the way of innovators. 
    Think of the act as creating a clearing for new technology to revolutionize the connection between farmers, preservers and consumers.
    It would result in a cottage foods boom and the elimination of hunger in Minnesota.

  • The Cash Out Act:
    It will allow 401k holders a one time "Cash Out" of their 401k holdings from the Wall Street casino with zero state tax or penalty before December 31st, 2021 while allowing active employees to keep their 401k accounts open with a zero "re-starting" balance.

  • Minnesota Fair Tax Act:
    It will eliminate the Minnesota Income Tax if the Federal Income Tax is eliminated via the federal "Fair Tax Act" and will transition to a state sales tax. Tax visibility would be raised which will foster public involvement holding government fiduciaries responsible for their policies and actions/votes.
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